Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

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The Dead Sea Adventure Hostel is the perfect base for discovering the Dead Sea, Masada, the desert. The hostel is also a travel and adventure center for backpackers, where our knowledgeable can give you all kinds of advice about the different activities you can do around the Israeli desert. The hostel is located at the edge of Arad, a small southern city that sits on the border between the Negev and Judean deserts. We are just on the corner of the road leading to Masada, at an area full of beautiful hiking trails, running and cycling paths, and breathtaking canyons and mountains. It’s the most accessible place for those wanting to reach both the Dead Sea and Masada by public transport or by car. The desert trails and hikes is all around us. 30 minutes from the Dead Sea. 25 minutes from the west entrance of Masada (Roman Ramp) – best entrance for seeing the sunrise on top of Masada. 1.5 hours from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem 2 hours from Ovda Airport 2.5 hours from Eilat

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